Weekly Update: October 23, 2016

To inspire a feeling of welcome, Renewal will

  • make both the sanctuary and the narthex warmer, more open, and more inviting
  • provide fully accessible and family-friendly restrooms
  • impact visitors with a sense of hospitality in the entryway and the aesthetics and inspirational elements of the sanctuary

God continues to renew our life together and challenge us to make all feel welcome.

Trinity has a long tradition of service for others…

  • we serve locally and globally and our members give of their time, talents and financial resources
  • our campus is home to many activities, including Little Angels Preschool, Food from the Heart, Narcotics Anonymous, Boy Scouts, Edelweiss Choir, Trinity Gardens and several other horticultural groups, and many more

God continues to renew our life together and challenges us to expand the ways we serve.

In addition to Worship (addressed in last week’s bulletin), Welcome and Service are the two other important pieces of our Renewal. Trinity’s Renewal campaign will commence next Sunday, October 30. The appeal calls us to respond to the plans God has for us in this place, looks to expanding our possibilities for the future, and builds on the firm foundation that has been laid for us by those who have come before.