Weekly Update: August 28, 2016

Trinity’s stated purpose is to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS TO SHARE GOD’S LOVE.

What does that mean for God’s 21st century church?

In a word: RENEWAL.


Renewal does not seek to dismiss the past, but to honor it and build upon it for the future. In this August’s Living Lutheran magazine, Pastor Martin Zimmann shares “The world is always unfolding—the narrative always building. We Lutheran folks are part of this holy narrative… Reflective nostalgia…is a way of acknowledging the anxiety that accompanies the ongoing changes. It places the past in a more thoughtful perspective, giving thanks for what has been, and asking what might be carried forward for the sake of the God’s future.” Please, reflect on your nostalgia, acknowledge it, and thoughtfully examine how it informs your views about changing to meet the needs of God’s people now and in the future.