Care Ministry and Parish Nurse

Parish Nurse Program

The Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Endowment Fund enables our Church to support many wonderful projects for our Church members and for our community. One important program is Parish Nursing. Sharon Head, RN has served as our Parish Nurse for 18 years.

Sharon spends most of her time listening to personal health stories and counseling individuals and family members on treatments, referrals, and options for supportive care. Many of the issues she is asked about concern diet and exercise, members wondering about a new medication that a doctor has prescribed, care for aging seniors, and supporting those with long term chronic health diseases. She can also help with explaining medical test results. Many families contact her asking about advance health directives – also known as a living will. We all need to make decisions about what actions should be taken if we are no longer able to make decisions ourselves, and Sharon is there to help unravel the legal issues surrounding illness or incapacity. She also can make referrals for caregiving agencies and doctors.

We are fortunate to have a Parish Nurse who is available to members facing every day struggles. Sharon considers Parish Nursing a calling. As she put is: It is when the heart of a person is aching and someone comes along side to let them know they are not alone. So many of us are so very private yet when we can come together and share our joys, our sorrows, our worries and concerns we open ourselves to the healing process. When we reach out and pray together our hearts are lifted, our spirits are strengthened, and our minds are comforted.

How can you get in touch with Sharon? Please feel free contact her any time through email or by leaving a voicemail at the church. Sometimes people just need someone to be a separate listening presence in their busy lives – and Sharon is a good listener! Sharon would welcome your email with health questions! She is a terrific resource for our church. Contact her: