TELC Business Directory

We desire to extend our sense of Christian community beyond Sundays in support and enrichment of one another’s lives by also supporting our members’ livelihoods during the week. Part of Trinity’s stated purpose is to build relationships. To foster this connection, we offer this directory to help consumers find the businesses they seek and businesses to reach those in need of their services within our own Trinity congregation.

You will find our community members’ names in bold print. The information provided by these businesses has been minimally edited and formatted. All information herein is for the purposes described above and is not intended to indicate Trinity’s endorsement of the businesses listed nor for those businesses to be solicited for free or discounted services. As usual, please use due diligence and common sense when seeking professional services, both within our Church community and outside it.

If you attend Trinity and have a business or are employed by a business you wish to have added to this directory, please provide the church office with the same information you see included here (the contact information, service category, and a brief description). The Communications Committee will endeavor to keep it current so that Trinity’s business directory may be a blessing to us all.

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