The participants in various “brain-storming” meetings agreed with the Taskforce report that the narthex is cluttered, cold feeling and not inviting to either members or guests. Due to structural considerations, there are no cost-effective options to enlarge the current narthex by, for example, moving or removing the existing walls.  The architect has proposed adding an ‘inner narthex’ under the existing balcony overhang. The existing solid doors will be removed and the inner area would be enclosed in glass with glass doors leading into the sanctuary. In this way a member or visitor arriving after the start of a service c0uld be greeted in the narthex and then enter the sanctuary without feeling ‘closed out’. New storage cabinets will be installed along the back wall of the sanctuary inside the glassed-in area to alleviate the current shortage of storage space.

The drawings below highlights some of the proposed changes in the narthex area. The accompanying photo is an example (from another church) of possible the view through the glass-walled inner narthex when standing at the doors from the outer narthex.