Church Staff and Leadership


Truls Person
I’ve been called to be a servant of God’s Word, a proclaimer of the good news of Jesus Christ, a shepherd to the people of Trinity and, with congregational leaders, a collaborator in extending Trinity’s witness and serving in the world around. “So help me God,” I have prayed since my ordination into the pastoral ministry. Without God’s help, this calling would be beyond me. With God’s help, I experience great joy in it.

My interests include God, faith, Church, family and friends, bicycling, travel, the seashore, deserts, mountains, music, theology, German language, news and views.

Education and experience: Bachelor of Music degree from St. Olaf College, Master of Divinity degree from Luther Seminary, additional post-graduate study in the Protestant and Roman Catholic theology departments of the University of Vienna. I’ve served congregations in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and California over the past three decades.

I am blessed to share faith and life and to serve with faithful, kindhearted, fun-loving people. Week after week, I get to see people caring deeply for the mission of Christ’s Church, for one another, and for the surrounding community and world. Each week brings tremendous variety; no two days are the same!

Sarah Kreitzer
Sarah Kreitzer-Lillard
Director of Music 

I serve Trinity’s congregation in worship through all forms of music, but especially in song. Programming service music and special music for our worship time and providing opportunities for our families to participate in special musical offerings.

My interests include singing, photography, dancing, hikes with the family, life and geological sciences

Education and experience: A.A. in music with an emphasis on vocal performance I have been singing in church since before I can remember!


I get to make music a part of everyday work! I am also so very blessed as a mother with a large family and many different schedules to be supported by Trinity’s staff and congregation; flexible schedules and lots of love here in the office make being a working parent less stressful and more rewarding!

Sharon Head
Sharon Head
Parish Nurse

Parish Nurse Ministry – Sharon spends most of her time listening to personal health stories and counseling individuals and family members on treatments, referrals, and options for supportive care. Sharon also leads the Care Ministry Team:  The mission of the Care Team is to offer Christian fellowship and compassionate support to persons living with illness, persons living alone, persons who are homebound, and persons who are grieving.

My interests include Family, Travel, Photography, Swimming, and Golf

Education: Graduate of Mount St. Mary’s College. Sharon’s has worked at UCLA, St. John’s Medical Center in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara IPA, Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care of Santa Barbara, St. Francis Hospital, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and St Francis Foundation Parish Nursing Program.


I can truly say throughout my career at Trinity Lutheran I have been blessed to work with so many compassionate and caring individuals who make my work so rewarding.

Alison Hansen
Office Manager
I have a background in finance, hospitality, property management and customer service.  I strive for greatness, remember to take the time to really listen and honestly care about helping other people.

The beautiful and lush gardens here at Trinity which welcome 600+ school children are a favorite spot of mine on the church campus as well as the walking trail.  I enjoy spending time with my 3-year-old daughter and my dog.

Emily Eaton
Emily Eaton,
Director of Children Youth and Family Ministries
My ministry focus is on providing opportunities for children, youth and families to learn about themselves and their faith in a fun yet challenging setting. We meet for Bible Study, discussions and games as well as participate in group trips and events.

My interests include reading (fiction and nonfiction), team video games (Mario Kart!), community activism, family (especially my husband, daughter and son!)

Education and experience: B.A. in Religious Studies from Westmont College, certificate in Biblical languages, 7 years of leading youth ministries.

Seeing the youth make a connection between the Bible and their everyday life is incredible. I especially love when they can take their faith and put it into concrete actions to better serve their community!

Deacon Martha Santrizos,
Social Justice Coordinator
I was called by the Southwest California Synod to serve both Trinity and Christ Lutheran Churches. My call also involves serving the Grace Food Pantry, coordinating a meal-share at Pescadero Lofts, and other advocacy ministries for the under-resourced in our local communities.

Education and experience: Throughout my early years, family crisis were not uncommon. I attended four different local churches and schools before I was eight. It was not until I was older, that I realized how many mentors God sent to help direct my faith journey. Growing up at Trinity was a blessing.

When I to decided to enter seminary, I hadn’t finished college (another disruption). As a business owner, I took some courses over the years. PLTS needed to know that I had the classroom skills of a 21st century student (writing research papers, working in groups, and more). In 2011, I graduated from PLTS with a Master of Divinity. Besides theology, I received community organizing skills, took formal CPE, and cross culture studies. I use both my business and seminary experience with the houseless; do advocacy with the under-resourced, coordinate the Grace Food Pantry, and other outreach. I still take classes to keep up with the changing church and community.

My interests and diversions include writing such as poetry, dialogues, and litanies. On the other end of the spectrum, I like to play Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball. I find endless inspiration from nature. There is never enough time to gaze at the stars or a sunrise, never enough time for walking along the beach with waves crashing. It is in such places I am refreshed and hear the creator say, “Be still and know that I am God”.


Trinity Church Council 2018-2019

Jim Benz, Chanin Birkhahn, Roger Cartwright, John Chatenay, Rick Church, Janet Swanson, Marcia Lenvik, Dennis Lewis, Tatiana Nazarenko, Paul Perez, Truls Person, Larry Severance, Marshall Sittig